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Paul Edwards / Board Chairman

Mission Critical To These Two Pilots Means One Thing, Mission Critical To Us Means Serving Florida's Blind Citizens With The Same Intensity As Our
Two Friends Above!

The Blind Services Foundation of Florida, Inc. Welcomes You To It's Home Page.
Your Partnership Provides Mutual Benefits!

 This web site is created and dedicated to the mission of the Blind Services Foundation of Florida, Inc. We will give you all the information you need to become part of the infrastructure that supports the Florida Division of Blind Services. We want to encourage, challenge, motivate and recruit people, organizations, and other not for profits to join our efforts to support the Florida Division of Blind Services as they serve Florida's blind citizens with shrinking resources and exploding senior populations. One of the largest groups of citizens needing help from the Florida Division of Blind Services is our seniors. Macular Degeneration is just one of the aging diseases facing our seniors and it requires a unique perspective to keep them functioning independently.
Blindness and vision impairment cost more than $4 billion annually in  benefits
and lost income. Properly diagnosed, treated and trained, the  visually impaired
have a wealth of capabilities that contribute to  society.
  Nearly everyone with blindness or vision impairment can  benefit from
rehabilitative treatment. With proper assistance, many of  those who are
currently dependent upon others can find gainful  employment and enjoy the
confidence of self-sufficiency.